Folk Fortune

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Folk Fortune

Folk Fortune is designed and styled seasonally in Vancouver, Canada using international natural fibre based products. We aim to encourage and empower female entrepreneurship, and support global artisan handicrafts with an emphasis on the art of weaving and the use of sustainable plant based products. Our range of shoes, bags and accessories uses straw, raffia and grass to create mindful, on trend fashion. 

Folk Fortune is designed by former luxury retail stylist Michaela Smeaton who has a background in visual display and curation for brands like Proenza Schouler, Alaia, Balmain and more. Almost by accident, Michaela founded her brand after a few straw slippers gained immediate success in the local Vancouver fashion scene. Since 2015 she has experienced rapid growth and excitement in the industry and the stockist list continues to expand into Asia, Turkey, Dubai the US, and Australia.

At the time Michaela designed the original pom pom straw slippers as well as the design and development of the world's first straw iPhone carrier. Due to customer demand she further branched into shoes with the first run of raffia slides selling out in their first week. With 90% of it's stockists discovering Folk Fortune through social channels we continue to grow, working with larger retailers and discovering interesting opportunities each season. We work with a variety of contract workers, local creatives and sewers, as well as partnering with international artisans. Folk Fortune aims to work with reputable ethical practice makers, artisans and companies. 

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